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Countdown for Furnace Guy's *50th YEAR* in the Furnace Industry:

Looking for LORAC?

Hi, I'm Ken Reynolds. Welcome to the new web site, home of Furnace Guy, LLC.

This site used to feature the LORAC Company, but LORAC has dissolved, and we don't want to sell you used equipment. We want to be your friend in the furnace industry: we can help you fix anything you need to repair; we can find you the perfect new furnace; AND, we provide free consultations!

All furnaces start out new, and eventually all of them age and break down. My mission is to help you to figure out exactly how to best use the timing of these inevitable events to your best advantage!

I'm here to discuss your furnace requirements, or comments and concerns about any aspect of thermal processing equipment; I'll never charge you for this conversation! Phone consultation services are now 100% free to you.

Please call me at 928-713-5618, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need to repair the heating elements, the muffle, the belt, et cetera: we can fix whatever broke!

Call me if the control system failed! Just tell me what's wrong, and we'll solve it!

Finally, if your furnace is beyond the economical justification for repair, let's get you a new one! This is where my free advice can be of the greatest value to you. With the price of allow metals at all time highs, you probably can't afford what the OEM's are asking for a new unit, right? Well, relax. I've got this part all figured out for you.

 I recently had the pleasure of receiving this honor from LinkedIn! I welcome the opportunity to connect with you! 

Furnace Guy always tells the truth. Based on my 45 years of trying to make furnaces to what we want, the best new furnaces in the world today are designed in the U.S.A. and built in China, incorporating ideas and novel concepts to promote high-yield and very low maintenance costs.

I've finally got the Six Sigma performance rating the geniuses at Moto' demanded -- AND, I've got it for about HALF what you will pay for a U.S. domestic or EuroZone-manufactured furnace. Delivery to your production floor and expert installation, set-up, and demonstration are also included!

We provide solutions. Furnace Guy wants to help you! Free advice is good, and good advice is free. Call Furnace Guy at 928-713-5618 today!


Kenneth F. Reynolds